Tesh provides opportunities for individuals to be productive, contributing members of their community while meeting the needs of employers and businesses.

Tesh offers job placement services through a subsidiary, Ability Works.  Highly qualified and experienced staff  match the needs of local businesses with client skill sets to provide cost effective labor solutions at the employer’s business location. An Employment Specialist will work with you to identify your labor need, and coordinate qualified applicants for placement in your business. Tesh has successfully placed individuals in Manufacturing, Retail, Restaurants, and Service industries. Tax credits and other incentives are available to qualified employers. Click here for more details

Advantages for Employers

Ability Works is an invaluable source of employees who are qualified and committed to exceeding employer’s expectations. Our Employment Specialists carefully match your job requirements to the skills and interests of our job seekers.

If you are plagued with chronic turnover, unappreciative employees,  or poor dependability; then Tesh has a solution for you. our job candidates are highly motivated and prove to be dedicated employees. We have placed individuals who have worked for local employers for over 20 years and still love their jobs.

Advantages for employers include:

  • Dedicated and reliable labor solutions
  • Bottom line tax credits
  • Trained job coaches on the job with the client employee until the employee completes training
  • Trained staff who will check in on the employee as needed, including when employer is introducing new responsibilities for the client
  • An enriched work environment that is inclusive and responsive to our community’s needs

To learn more, call our Ability Works office at (208) 292-0149

Employment Specialists

Our Employment Specialists are especially trained and prepared to assist job seekers to find the right job.

We listen to you, help you identify your strengths and interests, and match your skills with an employers needs. Whether you need help with resume’ development, interviewing skills, or more intensive supports, our staff can help you meet your vocational goals.

Services include:

  • Meeting with Employment Specialist to identify areas of interest, experience, skills and training
  • Assistance identifying appropriate job matches ~ employers seeking employees in areas of interest
  • Assistance with the application process
  • Assistance in preparing for job interview(s)
  • Transportation to interviews, if needed
  • On the job training support

For more information, call our Ability Works office at (208) 292-0149

Job Coaching

Job Coach Missy McCrady helps disabled or special needs clients like Ian Baustian, who is autistic, integrate into a normal work environment and advocates getting those that are capable out of sheltered workshops. (Chris Russell/Dispatch Photo)

Individuals receive training from a certified Job Coach, who uses structured intervention techniques to help the individual learn to perform job tasks to the employer’s specifications and to learn the interpersonal skills necessary to be accepted as a worker at the job site and in related community contacts.

In addition to job-site training, job coaching includes related assessment, job development, counseling, advocacy, travel training and other services needed to maintain the employment. By placing a consumer directly in a job with the hands-on assistance of a job coach, areas of vocational and personal strength and weakness become apparent early in the process and are based on actual,  the individual is able to receive immediate feedback, assistance, and follow-up from the support person; and an employer is able to take on and observe the progress of the consumer without a full commitment of personnel resources in the beginning of the process.

For more information contact Pam Harris or 765-5105

Project SEARCH

Project SEARCH is a one-year transition program for students with disabilities who have met all academic requirements for graduation. Located at Kootenai Health, the program combines classroom instruction with school-year long unpaid internships.

During the school year, students:

  • Receive classroom instruction on employability and independent living skills
  • Participate in internship rotations in three departments
  • Work with a job coach and mentor to learn to perform tasks independently
  • Engage in Job Development activities
  • Graduate with skills needed to obtain a community job

The program is a joint collaboration between:

Kootenai Health

Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Coeur d’ Alene School District


Ability Works

Benefits Counseling

Social Security beneficiaries need accurate information about the impact of earnings on their benefits and the work-incentive programs.

With a benefit analysis and counseling, individuals can  make more informed decisions regarding employment.  A significant barrier to employment is the fear of losing health care and other benefits. Valuable work incentive programs can extend benefits, but are often poorly understood and underused. We help beneficiaries understand their choices and options.

Who is Eligible?

Any individual who receives SSI or SSDI benefits and wants to maximize their earning potential without jeopardizing their eligibility for benefits.

Who to Contact?

Call a Benefits Specialist Linden Custer at the Ability Works Office (208) 292-0149

Ticket to Work~Employment Network

Ability Works operates an Employment Network that is approved and recognized by the Social Security Administration.

We work closely with SSI and Title II beneficiaries who are interested in learning about the impact of working on their benefits and exploring the advantages of returning to work.  Our highly trained experts will help you understand how earnings may impact your cash benefits, housing subsidies, health coverage and other benefits. After a thorough free consultation, if you decide that maximizing your income is best for you, we will help you to develop vocational goals and a plan to obtain employment.

Our Employment Specialists can even help you find the job that is right for you.  If yo have received a “Ticket to Work” in the mail from the Social Security Administration or just want to learn more, call Dave Jacobson at our Ability Works office at 208-292-0149. You will be under no obligation and Al information is kept strictly confidential.

Pre-Employment Transitional Services

Pre-Employment Transitional Services program (Pre-ETS Summer Youth Employment)

Each summer Tesh partners with the Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (IDVR) and local businesses to offer an opportunity of short-term paid employment for 50 students ages 16 – 20 that are still enrolled in school.  Individuals “must be eligible for and receiving special education or related services under IDEA”.

The program begins for the students the week of June 17th with a five day training week taught by certified teachers.  Beginning the week of June 25th they begin their five week, twenty hour a week employment journey.  Job Support Staff will be on hand as needed at the job sites to guide the students and help them get accustomed to their new duties.

For more information please contact Tesh’s Vice President at (208)765-5105.